Corduroy Dry Cleaning
4 Nov2017

very soft stuff but wash it carefully Corduroy is a delicate stuff and required great care Corduroy is known as very rough and tough stuff but actually it is very delicate stuff, easy to damage if it is not cared properly. Keep your corduroy clothing neat and clean. Corduroy is very easy to wash but […]

Household Laundry
25 Oct2017

Neat and clean carpets are hygienic It is very easy to get rid of wet carpet smell We use carpets in our houses. They are fixed on floors for a long time and except vacuuming, there is no other solution and remedy to clean it in the house. Due to wear and tear, debris, stains […]

17 Oct2017

Fur like materials need extra care while washing Fur coats look great, if they are neat and clean Overcoat and fur coats are very important, especially for winter seasons. They are very thick and dense in knitting, so they protect us from winter properly. Fur is a very thick material and need proper care and […]

Dry cleaning
3 Oct2017

Those loose covers surely freshen up the place after dry cleaning Loose covers come in many forms such as sofa covers, cushion covers, wall fabric covers, dining chair covers and dining table covers etc. What is the use of these covers? Many may think that this is a waste of money, but in actual it […]

Dry Cleaning
28 Sep2017

Maintain these beautiful items by dry cleaning them periodically The most important consideration while furnishing a living room or a bedroom is that the look should be comfortable and welcoming. So that a person can relax after the tough routine followed throughout the day. Soft furnishings offer that perfect scenario which your eyes desire to […]

Tips on Garments
6 Sep2017

Several types of clothes require different turns of washing to make them wearable again This one of the undeniable dilemma that everyone concerns about their clothes and wish to wear the clean and neat clothes. But it is also an undeniable truth that people are concerned about washing and laundry of their clothes as well. […]

Dry Cleaning
15 Aug2017

They keep you warm, pay proper attention towards their cleaning Winter stuff requires a thorough washing cycle at the end of season Winter is a season of cold, snow and rain. In this season, under garments and uppers are used to cover and protect from cold and winter. During this season, there is no thorough […]

Jeans Dress
29 Jul2017

It looks more graceful if it is neat and clean Jeans are very popular all over the world. It is available in different colors and stuffs. Basic stuff of jeans is denim cotton stuff. It is used roughly in daily usage by students, working man, office ladies and it is used as a common dress. […]

Carpet Cleaning
24 Jul2017

Sunlight is very important and works like a germ killer, so put your carpets in direct sunlight Carpet cleaning is very important for neat and clean household life Houses are our necessity and need of the hour. Different types of the houses, we made for us to live in. Floor and roofs are the most […]

Ironed Clothes
12 Jul2017

Ironing gives best results if all arrangements are completed before starting Ironing is an art and gives your clothes a decent shape Neat and clean dressing is good looking no doubt about it but if they are not ironed properly, they definitely gather bad scores for you. Ironing of clothes is a proper art and […]