How Many Times You Wear Garments Before Washing?
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6 Sep2017

Several types of clothes require different turns of washing to make them wearable again

This one of the undeniable dilemma that everyone concerns about their clothes and wish to wear the clean and neat clothes. But it is also an undeniable truth that people are concerned about washing and laundry of their clothes as well. No one can exactly say if they are not thinking like normal humans and not concerned about their laundry. If you are wishing to do your laundry this weekend, with any bad luck you are washing any stuff that you don’t need to wash but overdoing it.  Why is that? Because you don’t know the frequency that when to wash your clothes if they are in normal state.

According to the Department of Human Ecology, the majority of people wash their clothes more often without knowing about the need, if they need to wash them or not. They are overdoing this since ages. A textile scientist from the human ecology department thinks that in this hygiene-focused world, over washing the clothes and overdoing the laundry has become a habit even without any need. Usually, people think that when their clothes once exposed to the workplace or even to any of the public place, they become dirty and loaded with the bacteria. They think that it is necessary to wash them after every wear. The reality is different, they certainly do but it is not obvious that bacteria populate on your clothes that fast as you think. It also doesn’t mean that you have to wash your clothes too much often. It is actually an overkilling, not of bacteria but your resources, e.g. laundry expenses. Bacteria actually belongs to your skin, if your skin sources bacteria and you are washing your clothes more frequently, the problem will remain there. Clean clothes will contact your skin and they will keep developing bacteria that is just where you need to come from.

Getting fresh laundry smells, is the most important part in an adult’s life. It is very imperative in an adult’s life. Fortunately, every dress we wear should be washed on right time when it needs to be done. There are several things that should be washed after every use, some of them need washing twice a week and several of them once in a week but at the same time, there are some clothes that are enough to be washed once every season. If you are also one of those who doesn’t know when to wash your laundry in your closet, this piece of reading will guide you all the way through your closet. How often should you wash your clothes? Let’s go through your closet items one by one.


Every time you wear it, you must wash it!

The shirts are one of the most ignored articles in your wardrobe. People don’t bother wearing them number of times repeatedly and without washing. They feel comfortable re-wearing them, but the shirt must be treated as you treat an underwear. As it has a direct contact with your skin and soaks all you sweat during the day.

So, don’t take it lightly and wash after every wear. There is only exception that you can re-wear it if you only worn it for several hours and it still passes the odor test.


Wash after Every 5 wears

It seems that all your buddies from tuition and your parents were right in some esteems. The truth of how often you must wash your jeans lies someplace between after every wear or even after a couple of weeks, but more commonly, five wears time is adequate to deliver you with a plea to throw your jeans into laundry bags.

There can be number of reasons, however mostly it’s considering the fact that repeated use of the new jeans can stretch them out, they can too loose when you repeatedly use them. Additionally, in many cases your perspiration quantity can be a lot that they can start to smell more often. According to the experts, the 5 wears based on the conditions of use are much adequate.

Tips on Clothes

Tips on Clothes

Dress pants and skirts

Wash them After 6 wears.

The dress pants and skirts are usually worn occasionally, e.g. the dress pants and skirts are worn at office and some other occasions. The skirts and dress pants are usually made of synthetic materials blended with cotton and polyesters and these materials are usually resistant to odors and stains, and can perfectly be dry cleaning. Thus they have an ability to go longer and don’t need to be washed more repeatedly.

Sometimes, skirts and dress pants used in a combination with other outfits, in this case make sure that both of the outfits must be washed at the same time to save them from being faded apart.

Gloves, scarves

Seasonal laundry

Gloves and scarves must be washed four times every season. If you are wondering that a season rounds out in more than four months e.g. winter in the UK takes more than five months, in this case you can settle your laundry down accordingly. It is an expert advice that you should wash your workplace gloves more often than your wool gloves and scarves, you use for general winter. More commonly, experts say that if your belongings doesn’t pass the odor test or even looks dirty, through them into the washer and clean them.


Usually, laundry experts’ advice that pajamas must be washed out after every three wears.  But in reality, Pajamas are one of the trickiest dress to decide upon that how often we should clean it. It depends on multiple factors, e.g. in winter nights they last very long as the sweating level remains very low but at the same time in summer, pajamas tend to wash more often. In winter they can be washed with the bedclothes but in summer, no more than three wears. Just like wearing pajamas, washing them is also in your best interest to wash them more often. Experts and scientists suggest that sleeping in the dirty pajamas can lead skin problems e.g. acne breakouts and skin itching issues.

Leather jackets

Never wash, or maybe once a season but only dry clean from one of the best laundry in your area.

Leather jackets are tremendously tough against dirt and bacteria, and they are not in a direct skin contact either. If there are any stains, you can spot clean them or have them professionally dry cleaned. Otherwise, there’s really no need to think about washing your leather outerwears.

Wool and sweaters

As discussed in the gloves section, wool wears even they are gloves, wash after every 3 wears. If you’re also thinking like most people do, and treat your wool and sweaters like the leather stuff, and never think about washing them, you are also wrong. In reality, wool is more prone to capture dirt and absorbing impurities and sweat, then all other outfits, so wash them more often.


Leggings are in direct contact with your legs and sensitive skin around, catch more germs and absorb sweat. So they must be washed on every wear.

According to the laundry experts, the leggings must be washed on every wear but it also depends on multiple factors, e.g. leggings used for workouts at gyms, or just wearing them around at home for the sake of ease. In the case of gym use, you must have to wash them after every wear. But in the former case, you can use them twice. If you have black pants, it’s easy to wash them or not wash them but odor is the thing that you can’t hide behind the colour.

A frequent legging user says when she uses them twice, she feels like she is using an abrasive to peel her legs and butt acne. To overcome this issue she always wash them after every wear.


An expert advice that it is very important to treat your shorts just like you treat your leggings, it must be washed after every single use. But if they pass the odor test and looks clean, you can use them one more time but not more than that in any case. If they are tight fit shorts like the spandex, never try to re-wear to save you from Butten or butt acne.

One of our regular client at laundry shop thinks differently and she says, she doesn’t think of shorts just similar to the leggings and try to wear them repeatedly, but once she put them in the plastic bag and send over to wash, what she found on the shorts after night, there was mold! Growing on the shorts and since then she is washing them on every single use, regardless of the need to wash.

Private clothes

A textile scientist advice on your private clothing that if you swat out during the work, your private clothes must be washed on every single use. He also feels sorry because he knew that it will be very expensive to do that but it is necessary to save you from harmful microbes flowing with your sweat.

A gym trainer advises that it is very necessary to wash your privates more often and if you think that it will be a hard job for you, you must have around three pairs that can give you a great flexibility while washing the used pairs.


Please, oh please, only wear socks once!  It is necessary to think about other people around you at your workplace. The socks are one of the most imperative clothes to wash on every use because it will help you not to get smelly so fast. Bad odor from socks makes you feel uncomfortable because wearing the kind of active wear more than once is not a great deal. It is very important to clean them frequently.


Sneakers and shoes are usually not come in the category of clothes but they must be cleaned when needed. We don’t mean if they are really dirty with mud and need to be washed, they must be washed to remove any odor as well just to save happy feet. Do you ever do in the washing machine? You clean your shoes as often as they needed to be cleaned. If you ignore them, they will become smelly because of sweating of your feet and will make your personality a dumb. Washing shoes is a technical thing, just see inside of your shoes if they are washable otherwise, contact your local laundry for shoe cleaning.

Whites and silks

Wash them after each and every wear for long lasting quality and comfort of your clothes

Keeping your white clothes in colour, keep them washing more frequently. Otherwise, sweat and dirt can change the colour of your dirt and silks. Silks absorb the sweat and they must be washed out after every wear.

Office Clothes

It is expected that the office suite could be worn for around four to five times, depends on the overall situation and then it will go to your local dry cleaner. It is necessary that you should always wash or dry clean all outfits and belongings related to a suite so that they can run at the same shine and speed for even longer. The shirts used with the suites can last 4 to 5 wears but if you use iron more frequently than it is better to ask your dry cleaner.

Winter Gear

Jackets and coats should be valeted once a season, but for the people, who live in city areas or work in city areas, more often exposed to outdoors and more frequently wear the winter gears. In this case, mid seasoned wash must be in order and it will help you keep in line. Canvas coats wools and downs don’t always need to be skillfully washed, but in the case of leather wears, it is expected that they must be treated by professional dry cleaners. It is also recommended that all winter gear including gloves, scarves, and shawls and everything must be washed at the end of the season and must not keep unwashed for the next season.

Did you feel that any of the answers surprise you? And you are rushing over to your wardrobe, and figuring out what is needed to be washed and what you can wear out for next couple of times. Share your clothes washing techniques in comments.

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